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Digital Imaging

  We offer prints up to 44" wide, by almost any length. Available on different materials, from regular Photo Paper to Photo Art Paper, to Canvas, to Tyvek for banners. These images are produced with an Epson 9600 printer using Ultra Chrome pigment inks, which Epson says will give a life expectancy of 86 years. While not quite as permanent as true photo paper, they are considered to be "archival". We can make these prints from digital files, slides, negatives, and prints. Large prints like these are great for displays, banners, wall murals, etc. Prices start at less than .11 per square inch.

Prints up to 12x18 are on true photo paper (silver) from your digital camera files. Now you can have prints from your digital camera with ease, quality, and low cost. You can up load your digital camera pictures to us, so that you only have to come by to pick them up, or have your finished photos mailed to you. Remember that a 4x6 print is an excellent back up, should you loose your original files.

Order Prints & Gifts Online

Bring us your memory cards to have them transferred to CDs or DVDs for long term storage on 300 year CDs, or 100 year DVDs. Also, is your hard drive getting full with digital camera images? Don't slow down your computer, or risk a hard drive crash (which is guaranteed to happen) that would lose your pictures. Burn them to CD yourself, or bring the images to us via any digital format so that they can be preserved. If you burn your own, be aware that conventional CDs last as little as 2-5 years. See us about purchasing the new 300 year CDs and 100 year DVDs, now available for your archival burning needs.



Info for best prints:
Save as jpg, at 300 dpi with the same size as the output size needed.
(i.e. 8x10 for 8x10 prints, 16x20 for 16x20 prints)







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